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"Hi Reni,

Thanks so much for sending the follow up out on the team! You did such a great job organizing everything and keeping all the players' spirits up yesterday, and are such a natural working with the children and inspiring them. You have really turned the Chess program around and I know many parents are grateful - and the children enjoy it"

(Gregg, mother of 6th grade boy)


"You deserve the highest congratulations, Reni, for your training and constant attention to your players."

(Arturo, father of 3rd grade boy)


"Dear Reni, 

Thank you so much!!! I am so glad to see Alex pick up chess again and be enthusiastic about it."

(Louise, mother of 7th grade boy)


"We are so proud of Chris and Owen's performance yesterday! Thank you for your teaching and your mentoring. You are a wonderful model of intelligence, work ethic, and how to enjoy the game. I am so happy that you, and the game of chess, are part of my kids' world."

(Suzanne, mother of 5th grade boys)


"Hi Reni

Congratulations to you and thank you for your enthusiasm and hard work! Masha loved participating in the tournament. She decided to skip another gymnastics class to come to the next tournament in December!"

(Sasha, mother of 2nd grade girl)

"Thank you for your hard work and encouragement. The students are very fortunate to have you as their coach. Abie loves participating."

(Elaine, mother of 3rd grade boy)


After winning 1st place  - out of 19 teams! - in the Elementary Novice section of The 44th Annual Greater New York Scholastic Chess Championship :​


"Dear Reni, 

Thanks again for your dedication and passion for this game and for the students... you really are amazing!"

(Reva, mother of 5th grade boy)


"Hooray for all! And most of all, hooray for Reni, who is such a good teacher and supporter of all the kids."

(Rachel, mother of 5th grade boy)


"Reni, Congratulations! Kiara was very happy last night. I am bringing the clock, board and pieces this afternoon at 3:30pm to give them back to you. Thanks for being such a great coach and thinking about everything!"

(Meika, mother of 4th grade girl)


"Reni, we cannot thank you enough for all of the work you did this weekend. It was exciting to watch the kids and be a part of the big trophy win. They were constantly encouraging each other and it was wonderful to watch. I am a bit "chess'd out" but pleased as I think of the faces of the kids last night walking with the trophy."

(Jeanine, mother of 4th and 6th grade boys)


"Thanks so much Reni -- you work so hard for our kids!! It was very exciting to be at that tournament -- and Phillip, as you can imagine, is thrilled to have won that trophy -- this is so good for his self-esteem -- a great weekend all around!"

(Ellen, mother of third grade boy)



It's not a surprise the team did so well. I observed the entire tournament. As soon as the kids came out of their games, they literally ran upstairs to tell you what happened -- and not just whether they won or lost, but what they did and what their opponents did. They all consistently recorded their moves on the score sheets and I watched you painstakingly enter the games, move by move, into your laptop software for 8.5 hours straight and talk to each kid about his/her choices. I was enthralled by the way you spoke to them. You didn't patronize or say, "Oh I see why you may have made that mistake." Instead, you said, "Why didn't you move the bishop to his queen?" etc. etc. The kids were mesmerized by these alternatives and walked away not depressed about losing, but saying to themselves (I'm imagining), "Aha! If I had done that, then I could have moved that there and this here and I could have won it! Next time I'll know what to do in that situation!"

I asked Otto-- who lost 3 of his 5 games and had one of the best experiences of his life -- what it is about you that makes you such a good coach. This is what he said: "She's a really really good chess player. And she really likes us." That seems about right. Thank you for yesterday. I loved being there. It's extraordinary watching you impart your passion to these kids."

(Laura, mother of 3rd grade boy)